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Solution to Resolve your SAP SoD Issues

C3 Remediator

C3 Remediator has been developed by SAP security professionals and risk compliance specialists who have unparalleled experience in the provision of SoD compliance and risk assurance.

C3 Remediator® is a revolutionary tool for the SAP Security marketplace. This user friendly compliance tool will seamlessly allow your organisation to achieve Segregation of Duties (SoD), compliance and assurance. C3 Remediator ensures maximum ROI (Return on Investment) giving your organisation added value and the competitive advantage.


SAP Certified tools that enable efficiency & enhanced functions

Auto Role Management (ARM)

ARM is the ultimate tool that resolves the setbacks caused during creation of roles in the SAP system. Saves up to 90% of your time making your ROI substantial.

Auto Role Sync (ARS)

Auto Role Sync benefits your SAP landscape by validating and syncing your authorisation roles in all your SAP environments. Keeping your roles consistant for auditing purposes.

Cyber File Tracker (CFT)

Cyber Conformity’s unified data encryption tool powered by blockchain. CFT provides end to end encryption for your files and documents with impenetrable features.



The strength of Optimum Aim Solutions lies with its consultants who have years of SAP consulting experience where they have been involved at every stage of SAP project implementation lifecycle from blueprint to go-live and support.

SAP GRC Implementation

Optimum Aim Solutions will help you with end – to – end SAP GRC implementation, provide you training & knowledge transfer and at the end leave you with a system that can be used with ease and confidence.

SAP Support Services

We provide support onsite or remote, with some clients we have our consultants full time supporting the customers and we can provide 24/7 support to cater for different countries. Our staff are highly skilled within SAP.

SAP Consulting Services

Our consultancy services offer a bespoke professional consultation to ascertain system needs and developments, and long term architecture planning. Working with all industrial verticals.

Why Use Optimum Aim Solutions?

  • 01SAP Certified

    Optimum Aim products are SAP certified solutions specialising in Segregation of Duties (SoD) Role administration and providing a consistant landscape for your SAP roles to be synced.

  • 02Innovative Products

    Our suite of SAP solutions provide effective controls and assurance, ensuring your user role compliance.

  • 03Industry leading Consultants

    Our expert team finds critical and complicated SAP projects highly enriching and challenging. We take pride in our technical team who have significantly improved the performance of new and existing SAP systems of our clients by identifying the root cause of the problem and implementing solutions that enable the client to use the systems with ease and confidence.

  • 04Professional Consultation

    Our consultants have worked in all industries and they are made available to resolve SAP technical issues, be a part of Client’s In-house team during SAP Implementation or work in an external capacity

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