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Cyber FIle Tracker - CFT

Innovaive ground breaking product

Cyber File Tracker is a data-centric solution designed from the ground up to meet stringent data governance, internal policies, security and privacy standards and global regulatory requirements. Triple-layer security ensures strong Data Protection, User Security & Perpetual Data Authorisations is enforced continuously, empowering your data owners to determine who has access to their data, for what duration, from which device and location, what they can do with it via data permission-controls and be able to revoke access any time - at the click of a button - even after the data has left your IT network.


Blockchain & innovation

securing your sensitive/critical data

Unstructured data, with sensitive business information continue to grow as end users fulfil business needs of operation and business development and external communication with supplier, vendors, partners and other stakeholders. Yet this unstructured data, is not subject to the same level of security controls as that of managed services by the IT organisation and hence vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is exacerbated even further as the data is shared outside your organisation with legitimate business partners, leaked by malicious insiders or exfiltrated by cybercriminals. Cyber File Tracker allows business to continue sharing their data internally and externally with third party suppliers, vendors, partners and customers whilst retaining full control through out the life cycle of the data.

"CFT have given us peace of mind that our sensitive data is secure, with a full audit trail and the ability to control access to files to an unprecedented level." BP plc

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